You have found the "Find your contacts in Explore v.2.1" script on www.drewmyersphoto.net . This script will help you locate your contacts in Flickr's Explore feature. Click Continue below to proceed, or you may use your browser's back button to return to the previous page. (Note: If you click continue, we will set a cookie to keep you from getting this welcome screen again. Be sure to accept the cookie if you are prompted.)

Security info:

This script requires "read access" to your Flickr account to locate your contacts in Explore. While read access can be used to access your private photos, I Drew Myers assure you that this script only uses such access to retrieve your contact list.

If this is your first time ever using this script you will directed to Flickr to give it read access. If you are not currently signed in to Flickr you may be asked to sign in.

Once you have clicked continue on this page you will not be prompted again as long as you use this script at least once every 30 days. If you use this script at any point in the future while not logged in to Flickr you will not see this welcome message again, and will be sent directly to Flickr to log in.